Body Electric Next Show

Saturday 22nd June 2024

At Forum Melbourne


Body Electric Dance Studios was founded by Jade Duffy in 2007 when some eager dance enthusiasts were looking for a fun jazz class to join for adult beginners

Operating in the spirit that ‘anyone can dance’ each semester sees 10 troupes of dancers train hard and rehearse a choreographed routine that will be showcased at a public performance in front of a 1600-strong audience of enthusiastic family and friends

Working on a semester basis classes are jazz based at a beginner/intermediate level.
Choreographer and principal teacher Jade Duffy transforms the everyday person into a pirouetting, body rolling jazz dancing extraordinaire

Each project culminates into a dance extravaganza of pulse, rhythm and flair where the dancers proudly show off their finely tuned moves in extravagantly designed costumes
“We’re mainly a bunch of show offs”, says one dancer in good-humour. “What makes Body Electric so special is that you don’t have to be a professional dancer – anyone can participate.”

With an all-encompassing philosophy of dance fun, the popularity of the Body Electric stems from its ability to captivate and embrace people’s desire and passion to move and express themselves like never before.

Think Flashdance, think Fame – think jazz ballet, lycra, leotards and leg warmers.

  • Adult dance classes
  • Beginner-Intermediate level
  • Semester based bookings 
  • Fast-paced, high energy
  • Choreography focused / dance fitness warm ups
  • 90 minute weekly class